viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

Testament tambien trabaja ya en nuevo album

In an interview with Eric Peterson has revealed that the band has already started planning for a new album. An excerpt from the interview follows:

After unleashing its first album of new material in nine years -- 2008's "The Formation of Damnation" -- Testament guitarist Eric Peterson says the heavy metal group plans to get its next album out significantly quicker.

"We're definitely not going to take as long," Peterson tells, adding that the band already has "a good four, five musical ideas that are pretty kickin'.

"We'll probably start writing a new record when we get back from Japan in late September. We'll probably start looking into recording or at least working on new stuff (in) October, November, December and then see where we're at. If we're ready, we'll start recording in January-February for, like, a June release."

Photo of Testament

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