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Ensayo de Iron Maiden en Alemania excelentes noticias!!

Señores esto lo encontre en un foro de Maiden, tomemos esto con sus debidas reservas y que al terminar la primera fecha de esta parte final del Set podamos estar tranquilos. pero les comento que unos fans tuvieron la oportunidad de estar en los ensayos del grupo en Alemania y pudieron escuchar 2 set list diferentes. Aqui la cronica de uno de ellos que estuvo dentro.

this is my first message in the forum and would like to share with you what we live 1 week ago some friends and your server

Hi we are a group of Iron Maiden fans who went on vacation last week in Berlin Germany, we are British. On our third day of the tour we know Hans Tons Famous Studios in KÖTHENER Str. 38, 10963 Berlin, Germany, where they have been recorded as emblematic of Rock discs (Hero of David Bowie or Acthung Baby U2). Where we could watch a lot of Iron Maiden fans gathered in what seems a winery Annexed to studies, we come to see that was what happened and one of us here present commented that the group would be there to show what are testing the group of items on its last part of the tour Somewhere Back in Time. Likewise we talk that the group takes 3 weeks there rehearsing nearly 5 continuous hours. So it is that we decided to wait until the group arrived at the site to achieve photograph and listen to some of his essays.

It took 2 hours to begin to get the technical group and quickly entered several trucks Hummer, it was learned later that it was the group that had come to pity we could not photograph them because our room had failed by low batteries. We decided to wait a little more time to see if we could hear some of their trials. What we appreciate those who were present here is that this group really demostando professionalism for the last part of the tour where he will visit again countries like Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela. Rod Smallwood could see very happy with a big smile and waving to all those present there , Rod dared to comment that they are planning to record the concerts of Mexico and Chile to draw from there what would be the DVD of the Official Tour and that would come in mid 2009 while they are locked up in the studios to record their next studio album.

They spent about 40 minutes when they began to hear the drums of Nick and fine-tuned guitars. All present there did not know what awaited us at that time, we were about 30 fans gathered as many of them can not stand the sweltering heat of the day, then left, we were noticed that a door appears Steve Harris, offering to enter to hear the trials of the group, we were not to us but we believed we had to do to make it a special area, cameras, video, mobile phones and anything with what could be recorded, in order that we could not hurt record or photograph anything, but we were able to appreciate 2 setlist completely diverse in their subjects so the American fans were not disappointed by what they will see their eyes the next year.

Upon entering the scene could see perfectly to the teams working on each of the members of the group, as always Nick the most joyful of all, Bruce very relaxed drinking water, Adrian, Dave and Janick refining the last details of his guitars and Steve Leading giving directions to his assistant. We were able to see his daughter Laura Harris accompany them. The place is big test seems basketball court, fitted with everything needed for the test. Lighting a good sound and 20 minutes after having entered began what for us was a couple of private concerts.

Setlist 1

I can comment that all these songs were not performed in its entirety, there were shortages mainly in these Phantom, Running and Prowler. As we realize the basis of the previous setlist remained without moving and incorporated themes that were not heard from the Early Days tour as Phantom of the Opera, Killers, Prowler and that was a pleasant surprise to hear 22 Acacia Avenue with a few new arrangements that hear surprising.

But the good come a little later, after a break of 1 hour where the group disappeared around the compound apparently to eat something, we were able to enjoy a few snacks that we were there and offered a few bottles of water because the heat was very strong in there. Later the group were able to return and noted that Bruce brought a Mexican hat type with which everyone was joking with his companions near him. After a few minutes started the second Setlit.

Set list 2

Setlist if this is really surprising because maybe something is much better than it showed in the Early Days tour. Here I can emphasize the return of Infinite Dreams hear that spectacular to 3 guitars, are Seventh, with some arrangements a bit different, I simply left with their mouths open, Transilvanya was hit by them, although he saw Steve as not very confident to include, what is undoubtedly the biggest final of the List since this song did not appear live from the tour Ed Hunter in 1999 and only some shows, so if you come to play this setlist indeed we will be forced to be in Latin America because as Steve Harris said issues that will never again be playing live.

After these tests we were able to hand to greet members of the group and led us to exit from the place where we stayed there talking here and happy to have had before us a private concert of Maiden, which is not the case provided for us it was the first time that we were going to Germany. It will be part of our memories and we want to offer it to all Fans of the World.

Best regards
Mike Rice


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