viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

Metallica Hosts All Music Videos In One Location

Metallica has issued the following statement about hosting all of their music videos on their official website:

"In case you've been having a hard time finding and watching your favorite Metallica promo videos on other websites (!!) or trying to dig through our own website to find them, we've made them more accessible, actually downright hassle free, right here on the front page of your friendly neighborhood If that wasn't enough, how about watching the videos through our brand new Flash Video Player!?

You'll find all of our Music Videos dating back to 1989's 'One' all the way up to our latest clip for 'All Nightmare Long.' You'll also find a few alternate edits of some of our videos such as an 11-minute theatrical cut of 'The Unforgiven' and a naughty little version of 'Whiskey in the Jar.' Since we upgraded to our new Video Player, all the Music Videos are crisper, clearer, and much higher quality than the clips that were living on the site before.

Kick back at your leisure and check out your favorite videos, past and present, by clicking here."

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